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Tenso School of Entrepreneurship & Business Administration (TENSEBA)


TENSO School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (TENSEBA), (formally known as the TENSO African Support Program) is a tailored business creation and enterprise development institution, which trains and facilitate the creation of businesses, and the recruitment of corporate administrators to help boost enterprise development. It is mentored by the Cameroon’s Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Craft (MINPMEESA) and Go-Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM).

We attract, train and provide expertise follow-up to aspiring entrepreneurs, startupers and corporate administrators; facilitating the funding of viable business ideas groomed from its programs. We helps aspiring entrepreneurs convert their ideas into visible businesses. We have well-crafted programs, specially designed to help meet needs of our today’s complex business environment.

TENSEBA provide an environment where entrepreneurship is experienced and not only taught in classrooms. Here, students work with real venture projects during their training and apply their knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurial ability in real settings. We combine an international acknowledged and research with real value-creation.

Our preoccupation is to build sustainable and scalable startups; training and facilitating seed funding to new and existing businesses, as well as providing them with mentorship. We are committed to promote enterprise creation and corporate leadership, enhancing business productivity and boosting economic growth, while creating employment opportunities for young.

Our facilitators are drawn from networks of business executives and practitioners from across the world; highly sought after professionals who are leading enterprise development across the globe. Our programs can be taken from every part of the world, especially as we run both onsite and online programs, with the same content, expertise and professionalism.

Our students go through real-life innovation management, venture creation and action-based curriculum, where innovation and entrepreneurship are experienced and not only taught in classrooms. Our Students are put in the driver’s seat to experience business development firsthand. Our students don’t merely learn a topic or prepare for a career, but learn by acting, creating and reflecting. At TENSEBA, our students are given the opportunity to assess innovative ideas, start companies, drive social entrepreneurship projects or work on entrepreneurial projects within and between large organizations.

Through understanding complexity and finding needs, problems, and solutions, our students become key players in the realization and commercialization of ideas, technologies and innovations. Our students serve as catalyst to bridge the gap between research and business management, making sure both are utilized in the best possible way while creating new value for business sustainability.



Our mission is to promote enterprise creation and corporate leadership; enhancing business productivity and boosting economic growth, while creating employment opportunities for young people.



We offer the following three (3) months and six (6) months Certified Diploma Programs, with 70% practical and 30% theoretical. To apply for any of the programs, click of the RED button below.  Read more about the uniqueness of our programs below.

  1. Our Three (3) Months Certified Diploma Programs
  • Graphic Designing
  • General computing (Microsoft words & PowerPoint)
  • Social Media Management


  1. Our Six (6) Months Certified Diploma Programs
  • Corporate Administration and Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Nongovernmental Organization Management and Sustainability
  • Excel and Administrative computing
  • Computerized Accounting and Reporting

All interested persons are required to complete an online application form, which permits them to register for any of the training programs. 

Students are required to pay a registration fee of 10,000fcfa ($20) after submitting their application to enable it being processed. The registration fee is an administrative fee and is non-refundable. TENSEBA does not offer scholarships to cover the application fee, and cannot exempt those with a fee-paying status from paying it.

Training Practical Information

  • Start of training: 21 April 2021
  • End of training: 10 July 2021
  • Start of Internship: 12 July 2021
  • End of Internship: 13 August 2021
  • Start Job placement and project funding
  • Registration: 10,000 ($20)
  • Tuition of 4 months Programs: 120,000 cfa ($215)
  • Tuition of 3 months Programs: 65,000 cfa ($120)
  • Certification: 10,000 cfa ($20)
  • Online training: Tenseba virtual platform
  • Onsite Training: Buea and Yaounde Campuses

Dear potential student, the following is the procedure to enroll for the TENSEBA;

    1. Fill and submit the online application form
    2. Wait for confirmation of application.
    3. Pay the application fee of 10,000fxfa ($20) into the account in your confirmation letter.
    4. Pay the first instalment of the tuition fee and prepare for your training.

    For any inquiries, contact our standby team on WhatsApp via +237 682 737 216.

Our programs are opened to everyone across the globe, especially;

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Startups  entrepreneurs
  • Job seekers and aspiring corporate administrators
  • Young graduates and university students with passion in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Administration.
  1. A business/project idea with a potential growth, or
  2. A job seeker, willing to gain employment after the training.
  3. The potential to create employment in your community.
  4. A commitment to undertake the intensive training.
  5. Willingness to adhere to the training regulations.
  1. Smartphone/laptop
  2. A nonrefundable application fee of 10,000 cfa ($20)
  3. A tuition fee as stipulated below.
  • Tuition of 4 months Programs: 120,000 cfa ($215)
  • Tuition of 3 months Programs: 65,000 cfa ($120)
  • Certification: 10,000 cfa ($20)


  • Our students participate in weekly field work & practical assignments.
  • Our student pitch and defend their business ideas and projects every month.
  • Our trainers are practicing professional and business executives.
  • Our students participate in professional field trips.
  • Our students are certified at the end of their training.
  • We provide free mentorship and coaching to all our students.
  • We provide expertise follow-up to all startups groomed from our programs.
  • Our curriculum is based on 30% theoretical and 70% practical aspects of business.
  • Our programs can be taken from any part of the world with same content and expertise.
  • Our students are trained to work in small and medium sized companies and to bring a much sought-after entrepreneurial mindset to employers of all types and sizes.
  • Our students have the opportunity to learn first-hand about entrepreneurship through regular interaction with entrepreneurs and business executives via our partnership seminars, workshops, conference and study visits.
  • Through our extensive networks of professionals and executives at both national and international stage, our students are able to regularly interact with entrepreneurs, business managers and other professionals.
  • We work with our students to find quality internships that enable them to gain valuable experience to enable them live their aspirations.
  • Our trained corporate administrators have the opportunity to be placed to various jobs opportunities across our network. Getting a job in our society is an uphill task for many youths. Once a student effectively go through our training, that student stand the chance of getting a job through our network.
Hello, how may we help you?

Visit us at our office located at Mendong, Yaounde for any inquiries, fill out the forms on our website, and an agent will get back to you.

My name is Mbakwa Ndi; a Tensopreneur, and founder of a mechanical engineering design start-up with the vision to create sustainable intelligent tech solutions. Since my premier appearance on the business terrain nine months ago, I have barely been hauling my business. The story has been late completion of projects, inappropriate recruitments, under delivery…. etc. However, with just few weeks into my training at TENSO School of Business Development, the company is now transiting into a new phase and I am optimistic about the end result. The practical nature of the training taught by business owners with multiple business growing experiences have been the most enriching for me.

Mbakwa Ndi
Student, TENSO Entrepreneurship program

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