“The Cameroon business ecosystem does not encourage startups businesses; high taxes, lengthy procedure for business legalization, corruption everywhere, you need Godfather to do business…..”

These are some of the thoughts many Cameroonians have about their country when it comes to doing business. Yes, we have all these and even worse than that, but are there people succeeding in Business in Cameroon? Are there people doing business and making profit from those businesses after paying taxes in Cameroon?

YES! They are thousands of people doing business in Cameroon, despite what many hold about the business environment. Truly we have a corrupt business environment, but you are not exempted from those promoting that. How many times have you given bribe because you want your file to be handled on time? probably because of your impatient. Sometimes you give the bribe without being asked to.

If we must change our business environment, then we must start by doing and promoting the right things in the business environment. How many of us who do business or want do business in Cameroon know about our tax system? Many don’t know, and mind you, there is always a cost for ignorant. We must take time to study our PESTEL, so we can make informed decisions.

I am not trying to justify corruption, but rather, I am trying to encourage you to know more about our business environment. Many people pay bribes because they don’t know the “WHAT” and the “HOW”, and as such, those concern use that to extort money from them.,


If we must promote good practices in our business environment in Cameroon, then we must start by knowing the legal requirements and what it takes to do business in a country like ours. We complain about everything, yet we don’t take time to know more about what we complain about all the times. I think we need to change the narratives, and promote a better business environment for our country.

That is exactly why we created TENSO, so that we can provide help to beginners and practicing businesses on how to grow their businesses. If you have a business idea or know someone who has one, and is wondering what it takes to get a legal status or launch that idea into a visible business venture, then don’t miss our upcoming business workshop, schedule for the first week of October in Yaounde, with the theme “STARTING WITH NOTHING”; Turning Ideas Into Visible Ventures. I will be taking my time to share with you a lot about business strategies, and how you can start with nothing; converting your idea into a visible business venture. Don’t miss the program, invite someone in need.

Let me know if you will like to be part of the workshop, write me now via the address below, attaching your name and contact.


Executive Director, GAICAM.

Executive President, TENSO

Email: taminangs@gaicam.org

WhatsApp: (+237) 675595656


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