Welcome to the TENSO African Support Program (TENSO-ASP)

The TENSO African Support Program (TENSO–ASP) is a carefully designed training and funding program of the Taminang Entrepreneurship Solutions (TENSO).  It attracts, trains and provides expertise follow-up to young African entrepreneurs; funding viable business ideas groomed from the program, and helping them convert their ideas into visible businesses after a sic weeks intensive training.

The preoccupation of this program is to build sustainable and scalable startups in Cameroon and other African communities; training and providing seed funding to new and existing businesses, as well as mentoring and providing them with skilled personnel.

This training program equally attracts, trains and places young corporate leaders (job seekers); providing them with the competencies of today’s work environment, and helping them secure jobs. This six (6) weeks intensive training of corporate administrators, paves the way for us to provide businesses with skilled personnel, as a result, visualizing their growth path, so they can serve as pavements to boosting the employment of young people, while serving as an economic booster to Cameroon, CEMAC region and Africa at large.

Our Training Overview

This training is strictly designed to:

  1. Train young aspiring entrepreneurs on entrepreneurship & small business management, enabling them convert their ideas into visible businesses/projects, while offering them free mentorship and coaching during the implementation phase of their projects. We equally facilitate the process of our tensopreneurs obtaining seed capital to launch their ideas. 
  2. Train job seekers and employees on corporate administration and office automation; providing job seekers with highly sought skills, which enable them stand amongst a host of other applicants in the job market and in the work place. We also help our tensopreneurs secure jobs by referring and recommending them for jobs and to our partners. 

All interested persons are required to complete an online application form, which permits them to register for any of the training programs. 

Dear potential Tensopreneur, the following is the procedure to enroll for the TENSO -ASP;


  1. Fill and submit the online application form.
  2. Pay your training registration fee of 15000xaf to your TENSO-ASP Country  Manager (contact us on WhatsApp via +237678723204 for details of your Country Manager)
  • Startups, aspirant and young practicing entrepreneurs
  • Job seekers with a drive to venture the corporate world
  • Young graduates and university students with passion in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Administration.
  1. A business/project idea with a potential growth.
  2. Should be a job seeker, willing to gain employment after the training
  3. The potential to create employment, for entrepreneurship training.
  4. A commitment to undertake the intensive training.
  5. Willingness to adhere to the training regulations.
  1. Smartphone/laptop
  2. A nonrefundable registration fee of 15000Xaf

What makes Us Different

    1. TENSO – ASP is an initiative aimed at promoting enterprise creation and corporate leadership. This program will train over 1000 entrepreneurs and corporate administrators by 2021
    2. It helps persons with business ideas who do not know to realize them, to have those ideas put into successful action. The executive officers and administrative assistants trained are able to meet up with the challenges faced in getting jobs in Cameroon and Africa, and thus fit to compete and succeed with others in the job market.
    3. The program provides funding to those businesses that are viable. Many startups fail to get into full implementation because of lack of means. The TENSO – ASP provides seed capital to such businesses to enable them kick start their activities.
    4. The trained corporate administrators  have the opportunity to be placed to various jobs opportunities across Africa. Getting a job in our society is an uphill task for many youths. Once registered under TENSO – ASP, one has the chance to get a job after training, following the job opportunity avenues that TENSO has in its system.
    5. Carrying out the training online gives the TENSOpreneur the possibility to learn from home, at a convenient position. Using the internet also gives the possibility for research works to be carried out, and the TENSOpreneurs can easily carry out their tasks and assignments.
    6. TENSOpreneurs do not only carry out theoretical work, but also intensive practical work, that is blended with mentorship and coaching. This enables them experience the reality as it is on the field. All these are TENSO’s endeavours to enhance business productivity and promote economic growth.
    7. All trained entrepreneurs must go through a business pitching contest at the end of their training, while corporate administrators are to defend their projects before constituted judges.
    8. All students who successfully go through our training are awarded an end of course attestation (diploma).
    9. Our students benefit from thorough examination and follow-up which enable them to conceive and/or create innovative ideas.
Hello, how may we help you?

Visit us at our office located at Mendong, Yaounde for any inquiries, fill out the forms on our website, and an agent will get back to you.

My name is Mbakwa Ndi; a Tensopreneur, and founder of a mechanical engineering design start-up with the vision to create sustainable intelligent tech solutions. Since my premier appearance on the business terrain nine months ago, I have barely been hauling my business. The story has been late completion of projects, inappropriate recruitments, under delivery…. etc. However, with just few weeks into my training at TENSO School of Business Development, the company is now transiting into a new phase and I am optimistic about the end result. The practical nature of the training taught by business owners with multiple business growing experiences have been the most enriching for me.

Mbakwa Ndi
Student, TENSO Entrepreneurship program

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