Who We Are

We are an advanced Business support program, established to serve as reference training, mentoring, funding, and monitoring institution, while equally providing businesses with skilled personnel who can help drive their growth. We offer an opportunity for young people who seek to convert their ideas into visible businesses, to receive tailored training to help them drive their course, as well as help businesses effectively manage their scarce resources, while boosting their productivity and enhancing their growth potential.

Our programs are aimed at building sustainable and scalable startups in Cameroon by training and providing seed funding to new and existing businesses, as well as mentor and provide them with skilled personnel. We equally help business provide them with efficient management of personnel and resources, aimed at providing them with a visible growth path, so they can serve as pavements for youth employment and economic booster in Cameroon, CEMAC region and Africa at large.

 Our Commitment

  1. To train aspiring entrepreneurs with sustainable entrepreneurial competences, enabling them convert their ideas into visible businesses/projects
  2. To train support personnel to Directors, Managers and General Managers, given that they are in a very high demand in public and private sector companies, banks, credit unions, Enterprises, International NGOs, Universities & Schools.
  3. To develop an efficient entrepreneurial training system that will ease job creation and contribute in policy making in regards to reducing community crime wave, migration, while promoting relative peace and significantly reducing the rate of unemployment in our communities.
  4. To develop the entrepreneurial and small business competences of young Africans, boosting enterprise creation, and generating employment opportunities.
  5. Network  and sign a couple of partnership with national and international agencies, NGOs and government institution in training and equipping future nation builders with business skills, moral values, creative and innovative abilities that would speed up the development and improve living standard of the people.

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